Our collabs

Krak String Bag

We got the idea of a string bag while cruising to our fav spot and having to carry our phone, wallet, keys and water bottle together [yes, we do drink water a lot; check the Fred Water bottle from our February KrakBox]. Damn that was too much of a hassle. How about a quality string bag to cruise along freely? Here is our very first Krak bag, guys!


Cliché x Krak Deck

"When you think about Europe and about skateboarding, sooner or later you end up talking about Cliché. That’s an unbeatable fact and it’s always true. This is even more true when you think about France, and Lyon. I was super happy to come back to my hometown to visit their office where I had this interview / meeting with Jeremie Daclin. Eric Frenay was there also and oh… let’s not forget Bouba The Dog. He was a part of this moment, too. Thanks for having me at your place guys. [...]"
Read the full interview of Cliché' founders on krakmag.com


Pindejo x Lucas Beaufort x Krak Pin

"A collab’ always feels special right? We’re so down to have worked something out with these dudes.
If you’ve been part of the journey for some time now, you probably remember Mikendo from our KrakMag #4. Here’s how he started skateboarding: ‘Kid in my high school named Kurt had a 7.35” Foundation Josh Beagle -the Foundation rider- board, with tiny 39mm wheels and some Grind Kings (trucks). They were the “king of grinds!” haha and got me into it. Since then it’s been the most important thing in my life and shown me things I could have never discovered on my own.'
Lucas painted one of our covers back in the days [...]."


Tealer x Krak T-Shirt

"[...] We first met Amiel through our own app [...] and this young kid is literally killing it. I was personally amazed the day he landed a nice treflip down the 3 blocks along the Seine quays -the footage is on his krak profile if you are curious-. So when we planned that special collab t-shirt with Tealer I knew right away that I wanted to meet him and sit down for an interview. [...]"


Getta Grip x Krak Griptape

"[...] Tell us Damian, where did you get the inspiration for that Krak collab?
- I first drew the kraken, then just put the box somewhere inside. I called the Pizzeria like ‘hey I’ll just work 2 days a week for some time cause I have to draw and cut’. (laughs) [...]"


Lucas Beaufort x Krak Illustration

"You may have seen Lucas Beaufort’s beautiful painted monsters gracing the covers of some of your favorite skateboard magazines over the past few years. Nothing short of prolific, Lucas has quickly carved a niche for himself through his unique artistic perspective, giving a new twist to each photo by juxtaposing each photo’s reality with his vibrantly colored fantastical monsters. [...]"
Read the full interview of Lucas Beaufort on krakmag.com